who we are

SALT of the earth

the shop, S∀LT is a branch of the salt philosophy: revealing genuine moments through artistic expression. Pair this with fluid design that’s classic with an edge, and you have S∀LT : modern aesthetic + genuine nature.

the shop, S∀LT is not only our outlet for material creation but a means of trusting our inspiration and encouraging others to do the same. Embrace your authentic self: salt of the earth.


we (lauren and emily) have been friends since we were kids. we grew up in Grand Falls-Windsor, NL and just debated whether it was kindergarten or grade one where our life long friendship began. we both share a love of art, fashion, and design and dreamed of someday owning our own fashion brand. before graduating from high school, we discussed moving to toronto, ON to study fashion - business and design - and combining forces to make our dream come to life. we chickened out, remained friends, and began our respective careers. at various points throughout our 20s we'd revisit the idea but come up with reasons why it wasn't the right time. finally, over 10 years had passed and it hit us - we are still talking about the same dream, and oddly enough, had chosen career paths that would only help us bring the brand we've always dreamed of to life. 

that brand is SALT and it has and it's been the love our lives ever since. 

thank you for your continued support.