The Shop, SALT teams up with tattoo artist and illustrator, Robyn Flannigan to create wearable art fashion line

St. John’s, NL, June 10 , 2021 – St. John’s based brand, The Shop, SALT is ready to launch their collaborative fashion line, SALT X ROBYNFLANNIGAN, featuring a series of works by tattoo artist and illustrator, Robyn Flannigan. 

The brand has started to reveal each individual piece incrementally on social media with the full line launching this weekend. With only a limited quantity of each item available, SALT X  ROBYNFLANNIGAN will be available for purchase on Sunday, June 13, 2021 at 7:00 pm NST on SALT’s website

SALT stands for the age-old saying, “Salt of the Earth,” meaning someone who is both genuine and good-natured. The brand strives to celebrate those who represent the sentiment, following their passions, staying true to themselves, and living their life to the fullest. For Robyn Flannigan, inspiration for the collaborative line came directly from the SALT philosophy.

“Looking inward, I had to uncover the attributes that I deeply feel make an individual salt of the earth. I drew from the power of human connection, transformation, and conservation.” says Flannigan, “To visually convey these down to earth qualities, I sketched people, animals, and plants. Nothing man-made was included.”

For Emily Evans and Lauren Saunders, Co-Directors of The Shop, SALT, the collaborative line brings a fresh outlook to their work and process.

“This is our fourth year working with an artist to collaborate on a new clothing line that celebrates their creativity.” says Evans, “Combining an artist's unique craft with fashion design continues to be one of the most inspiring projects we take on as a brand.”

Saunders agrees. “It’s been incredibly rewarding to work with Robyn, learn about her art, work, and design process. We’ve loved her vision and connection to what being “salt of the earth” means to her. It’s brought a new layer to SALT’s designs that has not been seen before.”

Shop the SALT X ROBYN FLANNIGAN collection at this Sunday, June 13, 2021 at 7:00 pm NST.


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The Shop, SALT Inc.

The Shop, SALT was established in May 2017 by lifelong friends, Emily Evans and Lauren Saunders. After a decade of dreaming about starting their own clothing brand and establishing their own careers, the duo felt that if the aspiration was still strong, it was an endeavour worth exploring. After nearly a year of hard work and $200 shared start-up investment, SALT has grown to be a well recognized brand in Newfoundland and Labrador that continues to grow across the country.

Robyn Flannigan

Robyn Flannigan is a Tattoo Artist and Illustrator working in St. John's, Newfoundland. Having originally studied Graphic Design in College, Robyn worked as a designer for most of her twenties while she simultaneously made a name for herself as an illustrator. Robyn's interest in philosophical and spiritual concepts shape her drawings and tattoo designs. Over the years, her art could be found in shops in Downtown St. Johns, Halifax, and Montreal.

Check out Robyn’s work on her instagram page or find her studio at the top floor of Posie Row at 210 Duckworth Street in St. John’s, NL:

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